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Stop Fearing Change

Severing those overwhelming attachments.

As humans we get so attached to what is, so fixated on the current situation that when change comes it overwhelms us. But what we have to remember is that change is inevitable. Nothing that we can do can possibly stop change from occuring, so rather than oppose it we should embrace it.

Though it's easier said than done, if we remind ourselves that nothing is ever permanent we may find it easier to embrace change. In times of good and bad we should always remind ourselves that 'this too shall pass'. And so, in times of good we will be grateful and enjoy the moment and in times of bad we can persevere and be patient.


I'm going to talk about two ways that we get stuck and fear change, two types of attachment that can often hold us back.

Attachment to comfort:

Often we find ourselves stuck in a cycle. A continuous, boring cycle. That cycle is called your comfort zone. When we fear change too much, we often confine ourselves to our comfort zones for a sense of security. And though we may feel safe, we certainly don't feel alive.

No matter what that comfort zone may be, remaining in it forever will not benefit you. It is important to look outside that bubble of security because often it is there that lies our growth. Outside that bubble of security could be the making of you, the thing really motivates you and makes you happy. But if you stay stuck in the "comfort" of confinement- you'll never find it. And you'll continue to go on fearing change.

Change may come with difficulty and intensity. However, when a seed is to grow into a tree it has to crack first, just like we have to crack out of comfort zones. Else, with the potential of a tree we could be stuck as a seed for the rest of our lives.


Attachment to what is not our home:

Ultimately, as humans we are destined for a greater purpose. This world is not our home, just a resting place for a short while. And so, by becoming overly attached to this world we cause issues for ourselves. Where we are right now is not permanent and will be ever-changing, and so, we'll never find peace if we attach ourselves wholeheartedly to this world.

Do good in this world, and do what you can to better your life- do whatever you can to make your time here worthwhile. However, what is important is that we remember that this life is not everything- it is full of ups, and downs and changes. If we are too sail through this peacefully, we must retain the remembrance that this world and all that is in it will fade. It is not permanent, and the eternal life is greater.


So, in order to get on with life without fearing change we must sever the attachments that hinder us. The attachment we have to a fleeting world, and the attachment we have to our comfort zones. We must remember that change is inevitable and find peace in the idea that there is little we will find that is permanent and that's okay. There is beauty and goodness in the change, we just have to try our hardest to see it. Everything happens for a reason.


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