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2020: Reflections of the Year

Doses of goodness that we can all take from this year.

I think everyone can agree on how crazy of a year its been but somehow even though its been so overwhelming, we've all managed to make it through. And that is something to be proud of. We've all faced challenges and difficulties- some greater than others but nonetheless we've all battled this year probably like none before. Some have tragically lost loved ones, some have battled their mental health, some have lost their jobs and some, like many others, are just sick and tired of this chaotic world right now. But, even though the world is pretty much a mess, if we look close enough we might just be able to find a few glimmers of goodness that we can hold on to and take into 2021 with us.

Our problems aren't going to magically disappear in the upcoming year, but we can certainly take what we've learnt from this year and put it into good use.


1) You're surviving a pandemic- a mentally, physically exhausting and terrifying global catastrophe has occurred and you're still standing.

2) We shouldn't compare our lives - everybody is facing their own battles, some visible, some not. But this year has highlighted that absolutely everyone is fighting something, so let's not compare our lives to others.

3) Be grateful for everyone and everything that you have. Life is short. So so short. So instead of spending it in angst about what we don't have, we should be grateful for what we do. Maybe that is hard, but we must try our hardest if necessary to find it. Around us people have lost what and who they love, and I think that is one of the biggest lessons to teach us to keep what and who we love close and be grateful.

4) Times will continue to be testing, though the year is over we aren't able to leave the hardships and struggles behind. But our mindset and our outlook we can change. We can remind ourselves that we can get through the testing times, just as we have done- over and over again.

5) However you're feeling about this year is valid- no matter what those feelings: good or bad. Don't be too harsh on yourself.

6) Be kind to yourself. Don't let the achievements of others fool you into thinking that you haven't been successful. Success does not come in one format, and for me, I can personally say that my biggest success is being able to pull through this year. So don't look around at what you could have done, or what others have done, but be proud of yourself for getting through- because that in itself is worth celebrating.


This year has been a hard one, and whatever you've been through- no matter what that is, take a moment to reflect and be absolutely proud of yourself. You got through this year, you adapted, you fought, you rose, you smiled, you laughed, you cried and you got through. Take a look back at all that this year has brought to you, the good and the bad, and smile- because you did it.

No matter how you're feeling right now, accept it- it's okay. Be patient with your emotions. Just know that nothing can change the past and what has happened, and nothing can change the future and what's to come. Find peace in the remembrance that your life is in the Hands of a Higher Power- and there is goodness in everything.

Smile, because you got through. And you will get through, again and again.

Happy new year!


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