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Oxygen For The Soul

Prayer, it's importance and how to enhance it.

'Just as the body needs oxygen to survive, the soul needs prayer. '- Yasmin Mogahed.

Prayer is one thing that is enjoined upon Muslims. We are told to pray 5 times a day, one of the five things that is asked of us. Though God asks us to pray, it is us that need it more than Him.

By praying we can show our gratitude, disconnect from the world for a few minutes and develop a much need sense of inner peace.


As prayer is one of the only things that God asks of us, after everything that we have been given and blessed with: it is important that we hold it in its deserved importance.

A man asked Prophet Muhammad(pbuh):

"What kind of deeds are the best in the sight of God? , He replied: to pray on time."

Sahih Bukhari

Remember that Allah(SWT) made this entire world for you. There will always be somewhere that you can pray. He made the entire world as your mosque, to worship Him. So we shouldn't say that we can't, we always can.

'If we pray only when we feel like it, we are not praying for God- but for our ego's to feel a certain way.' - A. Helwa


Top tips to improve our focus in prayer:

1. Understand the translation.

By understanding the meaning behind what you're saying you can properly connect with it and feel the essence behind your prayer.

2. Create an atmosphere that makes you stay engaged in prayer.

Try and pray in a room with dim light and minimise distractions to stay focused.

3. Pure intentions.

At the start of your prayer make a pure intention to remain focused and pray with your heart not just your words.

4. Don't rush.

Probably one of the most important tips: take your time in each different position, making time to understand each one.

5. Focus.

When you begin to pray, Allah(swt) commands the veil between you and Him to be lifted. Every time your thoughts begin to sway, He commands it to be dropped. Every time you say Allahu Akbar it is a new chance to focus, each time remind yourself that you are standing before the One that created you- it is worth trying to maintain focus for a few minutes.

6. Pray each prayer as if it is your last.


Benefits of each prayer:

  • Fajr: For a face that shines and illuminates.

  • Zuhr: For blessed wealth.

  • Asr: For a healthy, strong body.

  • Maghrib: For successful children.

  • Isha: For restful sleep.


Remember it is not about worshipping the spiritual high that sometimes comes with prayer, but maintaining consistency no matter what the situation.

It's not easy and it's not automatic, these things take time and patience- the important thing is to make sure that we try.


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