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Al Malaikah- The Angels

Heavily inspired by and points all taken from Omar Suleiman's Angels in Your Presence series.

When we think of angels, we tend to think of a magical reality- a sense of fantasy. But in actual fact, angels play a large role in Islam- and are more present then one would think. Below I am going to go through a few of the most interesting points that I gathered from watching the series.


1. 4 angels and only one shaitan

Upon us we have 4 angels, and only one shaitan.

2. Protection from Harm

At every point where you come across harm that could result in death, the angels step in to protect you. The only exception from this is when it is your time to pass. In this moment the angel step up to protect you but Allah(swt) tells them to stand down.

3. Lift the pen

After committing a sin or a good deed the angel sitting on our left and right shoulder note down what has occurred. However, directly after committing a sin the angels are told to lift their pens for 6 hours.

In this time, if you are to repent your sin is not written down, and instead you recieve a good deed that is written down as a result of your repentence.


4. The Writing of Our Deeds

For every bad deed that we do the angels only write that one sin down, but for every good deed 10-700 deeds are written down.

5. When fasting..

There are angels praying upon you constantly when you are fasting. Angels pray upon you at suhoor. And, angels pray upon you in the times that you’re fasting and those around you are not. When those around you are eating whilst you are fasting, the angels are praying upon you whilst they eat up until they are full.

6. Ending your night with the angels

At the end of each night an angel and shaitaan come to you. The angel says end your night in good and the shaitaan says end your night in evil.

In order to end our night in good the angels first tell us to sleep in a state of purity (wudu/ablution). By doing this the angels pray for your forgiveness as you sleep. They also say to read ayatal kursi and through this the angels stand guard of you protecting you from harm.

Whilst you sleep you soul has returned to Allah(swt) and you’re in a state of mini death. So, the way you end your night could be the way you end your life.


7. The switching of shifts

At the time of fajr and the time of asr, the angels switch shifts. So, if your use these times to do good, to pray, recite Qu'ran the angels will report to Allah(swt) that when they left you, you were in a state of worship and when they returned- you still were.

8. Guided, protected and defended

When you leave the house for the day, there is a certain dua that we are to read.

bismillah- tawakaltu Allah- lahawla wala quwata illah billah

When we say bismillah (in the name of Allah) the angels say and you are guided.

When we say tawakaltu Allah (I put my trust in Allah), the angels say and you are protected.

When we say lahawla wala quwata illah billah ( there is no strength and might but Allah) they say and you have been defended from harm.

By reciting this dua when we leave the house we ensure that we are guided, protected and defended

9. The angels respond for me

It's easy to get angry when someone is coming at you in an argument, or, even worse when it is unprovoked. However, in these situations, if you are not to respond- the angels will be responding for you. But, the second you do respond, a shaitaan takes its place.


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